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Hi Glenn,

Just to let you know how pleased I am with the legal services you provided and the settlement reached with the ICBC adjusters after a relatively short period of negotiation. Your legal advice during the negotiation process certainly helped in reaching a fair settlement. Rest assured that I will highly recommend your office to anybody I know who might need your services in the future. Again, thank you.

R.L., Burnaby

The reason I called Glenn Veale was because I was the victim of a hit and run incident. I didn’t know any lawyers, and a friend recommended him. I was very satisfied with Glenn’s services. Every time I needed him, he was available. He cleared up all my doubts, he resolved my claim quickly, and above all he explained every legality relevant to my case. I strongly recommend Glenn’s services.

A.M., North Vancouver

Recently I was rear-ended in an accident that ICBC deemed to be 100% the fault of the other driver. I suffered neck and back injuries as a result which have severely impacted my ability to lead my normal life. For example I was unable to work which had a devastating impact on my finances. I also had to spend a great deal of money on physical therapy and pain medication.

I tried myself to negotiate fairly with ICBC but came to the realization that ICBC was not interested in what was best for me, all they cared about was representing the best interests of the Corporation. ICBC did not treat me with respect or compassion. It was an eye opening and disappointing realization. When I finally realized that ICBC were never intending to deal fairly with me I reached out for help and was very fortunate to come across Glenn Veale.

Glenn Veale has helped me so much and also relieved me of the horrible stress of having to deal with ICBC while trying to work on my recovery. Because of his help I reached a settlement with ICBC which was three times the amount that I was told by ICBC was their final offer. This amount will help me to continue with the physical therapy I will need to eventually recover full mobility. Glenn Veale was professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and always on my side. He also charged much less than other lawyers do for similar work. I highly recommend Glenn Veale and am telling everyone I know about my situation so that when they need to seek legal help they will know the best person to reach out to.

M.S., Victoria

Glenn did a great job of securing a fair settlement for me. He made the process simple and stress free. Thanks Glenn!

M.P., Vancouver

I was in an accident last year with my partner and a friend of ours.

Our friend was offered help, advice and treatment right away. After my partner’s initial meeting with our adjuster, our car was repaired and we could not get in touch with our adjuster. After about six weeks, I contacted her manager and asked for a new adjuster and was refused. I finally heard from the adjuster and was told that since the damage to our car was under 1000.00 (it was just over 950.00) our claim would be considered a “Low Velocity Impact” claim. She explained that since they had made this ruling, we would not be eligible for any treatment at all nor would we have any sort of settlement for our injuries. She told me to “be glad that the car was fixed”.

We were understandably upset and also lost as to what to do next. Neither of us has ever been in a situation like this. We had no idea how any of this made sense and so we decided to seek legal advice. I contacted Glenn and was really impressed with how quickly he handled things for us. We were able to meet with him right away and he began negotiating with ICBC on our behalf. He was able to provide us with excellent advice and he explained things to us in terms that were easy to understand. He explained that an LVI ruling is simply a classification system used by ICBC and that it did not necessarily mean that we didn’t have a valid claim. We followed the advice that Glenn provided us with and he stayed in touch with us throughout our recoveries.

Once we had recovered as fully as possible, Glenn was able to negotiate fair settlements for both of us right away. His help was so appreciated and we would gladly recommend him to anyone.

S.H., Port Coquitlam

Hi Glenn,

I just want you to know that I’m very happy with how my ICBC injury claim turned out. I truly appreciate the personalized service and am fully aware that you really worked hard for my case.

Thank you very much.

B.I., Surrey
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