Court Orders Plaintiff To Produce Relevant Facebook Photos

In Fric  v. Gershman, ICBC’S lawyer brought a court application for production of the entire Facebook page of the Plaintiff, including vacation photos, and metadata. The Court held that the application by the lawyer for ICBC was too broad, however did order that some relevant photos be produced.


[54]            After considering all of these authorities, I have concluded that some of the plaintiff’s photographs, including those held on the private Facebook profile, ought to be disclosed.


[59]           Ms. Fric has also testified that the accident-related injuries have negatively impacted her social life and ability to perform certain sports or recreational activities, either pain-free or at all. While Ms. Fric has remained an active individual, the symptoms from the accident-related injuries are allegedly unresolved. Obviously, the ongoing complaints will influence the award claimed for pain and suffering.


[60]          Photographs which show the plaintiff engaging in a sporting or physical recreational activity — from hiking to scuba diving to curling to dancing — are relevant in discovering the plaintiff’s physical capacity since the accident.

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