Coverage : Optional

In addition to your Basic Autoplan coverage, you have the option of purchasing additional coverage on top of certain components of your basic coverage, and/or additional coverage with respect to your vehicle.

Optional coverage: Adding on to your basic coverage

Extended third party liability

Your basic coverage only provides $200,000 in coverage in the event that you cause an accident; you have the option of purchasing in excess of this amount, all the way up to $5 million dollars ; commercial vehicles used for commercial use have $1 million in basic coverage ($2 million if they carry dangerous goods), and have the option of purchasing up to $10 million in extended third party liability coverage

Extended Underinsured Motorist Protection

Your basic coverage provides $1 million dollars in coverage should someone else cause the motor vehicle accident; you have the option of purchasing in excess of this amount, up to $ 2 million dollars, to cover you in the event that you sustain serious injuries, and the opposing party does not have insurance coverage; this coverage protects you and anyone else in your vehicle, yourself in another vehicle, and members of your household in any vehicle, except if they own it, and if they are injured as a pedestrian or cyclis.

Optional coverage: Vehicle damage and vehicle rentals


This coverage ensures that you are covered for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if you are at fault for the motor vehicle accident ; if you do not have collision coverage, and you are at fault for the motor vehicle accident, then you will not be covered for repairs or replacement


This form of optional insurance provides coverage for anything not covered by your collision coverage, such as theft, break-ins, vandalism, rock chips, hail, lightning, earthquake, other weather related incidents, and civil commotion and riots

Specified perils coverage

This is similar to comprehensive insurance coverage, but instead covers a list of specific risks and perils, such as lightning, hail, theft, earthquake, explosion, and civil commotion riots, however does not include vandalism, malicious mischief, or vandalism

New vehicle

The three forms of coverage with respect to this type of optional coverage include : New Vehicle Replacement Plus, Replacement Cost, and Limited Depreciation

Rental vehicle

To cover the cost of a rental car in the event of a motor vehicle accident, you have the option of purchasing RoadSide Plus, and/or RoadStar package